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Titles Remote and somber ossuary-city
Nation Geb
Level 6
Size Small city
Population 9,400
Demographics 75% undead, 20% humans, 3% halflings, 2% other ancestries
Government Government-appointed municipal dictator (high governor)
Alignment Lawful evil
Adjective Graydirge
Ruler Taf-Gekhta Seven Stomachs
Leader Berline Haldoli, Ortagar Stitch-Skull

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 77 (1E)
Zombie Feast, pg(s). 66 (2E)

Graydirge is a small city in the foothills of the Shattered Range in north-central Geb. The normal custom of Geb is to re-animate its citizens as undead once they die. Graydirge is literally built out of the bones of those Gebbites who were unwilling or unable to be reanimated. Its inhabitants, no doubt, have their own reasons for living in a city-sized ossuary. Its one notable feature is the Empty Threshold, a temple of Zon-Kuthon.[1]


The undead rulers often share little care for the living residents of their city, to the point where mortal blacksmiths began to create magical rings to protect themselves and other citizens from the collateral negative energy effects that would often be inflicted upon them. The Blood Lords at Mechitar attempted to punish these blacksmiths after finding out, but by then the rings had been disseminated out already.[2]

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