Council of Elders

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Council of Elders

Keeper of the First Law:
currently Malduoni
Enforcement of the Laws of Mortality
Representative council
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 155

The Council of Elders is the governing body of Rahadoum.123


The Council is comprised of representatives from every major settlement and nomadic group in Rahadoum.12

Keeper of the First Law

The Keeper of the First Law leads the Council of Elders and is elected by the council to serve a five-year term. The Keeper must balance maintaining the council's support while pursuing their own policies.12

Most Keepers fail to maintain this balance, however, and as a result few are re-elected. Those who have to deal with the Keeper try to take advantage of this situation by aiming to outlast an uncooperative Keeper in the hope of having more luck dealing with a successor.12

The ruling Keeper Malduoni has been an exception to this trend. He was serving his second term of office as of 4708 AR1 and 4711 AR2 and has remained in power through at least 4716 AR.3



To aid the enforcement of the country's atheistic policies, the Council of Elders bans all religious books. Some books are particularly proscribed, such as The Majestic Book of the Prime Ascended, which states that mortals may hope to ascend to divine status.4


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