Craft Vaults

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The Craft Vaults are a series of workshops and armories in Azlanti Keep in Absalom that provides weapons and supplies for the First Guard.[1] Nominally governed by Quartermaster Lord Yuvin Vatir of House Damaq, the sector is overseen by master craftswoman and First Siege Gear Chun Fe Seung.

The forges are the largest of the vaults, which produce the traditional arms and armor of the First Guard.[1] The traditionalist craftsmen have not changed the design of the First Guards' gear in more than two hundred years.[1] Many of the young apprentices are junior soldiers who seek to learn a trade without paying for an apprenticeship, and consequently receive no extra pay or prestige.[1] Those who sign on for an additional five-year term are valued, and experienced craftsmen, engineers, and architects can gain the prestige or rank of senior officers.[1]

A popular activity among the common guard members in the area is to watch the "Revolutionaries," a group of Andoran craftsmen who wish to experiment with new materials, techniques, and tactics, train every month in the Three Columns Yard.[1]


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