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Cult of the Dawnflower

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Cult of the Dawnflower
The holy symbol of Sarenrae
Type Militant religious sect
Members Followers of Sarenrae

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 147

The Cult of the Dawnflower it is a well-meaning but militant sect of the Church of Sarenrae.[1] It is very popular and influential in Qadira, and was one of the groups lobbying for the eventual Qadiran intervention in Osirion.[2]


Once Osirion was brought under the control of Keleshite satraps in the name of the Emperor, it was public policy to encourage the worship of Sarenrae as a means of bringing Osirion closer to the Empire. As a result, the cult established itself in Osirion as well. The Cult's growing popularity alarmed successive satraps, and in 2217 AR, the cult's leaders were exiled to the deserts of Thuvia.[3][4]

A section of the Cult, led by a priestess called Vedie, chose instead to flee south into what would become Katapesh. This section split into two groups. One group founded a settlement called Sarenrae's Bastion and the other founded the Golden City.[5]

In 2253 AR the satrap was found dead in one of his fountains, with sunflowers in his mouth. The Cult returned from exile in Thuvia, and the new ruler of Osirion was an independent Keleshite sultan rather than a satrap ruling in the name of the emperor.[4][6]

Centuries later, when Khemet I ousted the last sultan and restored the rule of Osirian pharaohs, the Cult of the Dawnflower and the Church of Sarenrae in general were instrumental in his rise to power. In fact, they had entered into a secret alliance with Khemet a year before his official proclamation of rulership.[7]

Elsewhere, Qadira invaded Taldor in 4079 AR, resulting in five hundred years of conflict between the two nations.[8] Taldor's Grand Prince Stavian I came to believe that Qadira's invasion had been assisted by members of the Cult of the Dawnflower. As a result he outlawed the worship of Sarenrae in 4528 AR.[9]


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