Edicts and anathema

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This article covers the philosophical concepts, which have metaphysical implications. For the type of physical vulnerability, see anathematic substances; for substances with anathematic properties, see Category:Anathematic substances.

An edict is a decree or announcement of a law,1 and edicts of different types and sources guide or govern the decisions of many of Golarion's inhabitants. Conversely, anathema are things and entities to be avoided or hated, or which result in excommunication or condemnation.2 Edicts and anathema are similar in nature to the metaphysical concepts of alignment.3

Certain ancestries,4 classes,5 deities6 and organizations7 establish edicts and anathema for their members or followers, and certain individuals choose to live by a personal code of edicts and anathema.5

In religion

Deities issue edicts to their followers to adhere to, and describe anathema to communicate acts they find abhorrent.8 Followers who are particularly diligent in upholding a deity's edicts might be rewarded via divine intercession, while those who commit especially egregious blasphemies in anathema might be cursed by their deity.9

Clerics who commit acts their deity considers anathematic can have their connection to their deity, and the divine magic that it grants, withdrawn until they ritualistically atone for their actions.1011


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