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Dandasukas, also known among their rakshasa kin as biters, are the spies and assassins of the rakshasa race.1


A dandasuka looks like a fiendish gnome with an extremely prominent mouth and fangs. Most of them wear fine clothing and as much jewelry as they possibly can without looking ridiculous, but some cross that line. A dandasuka is three feet tall and weighs 55 pounds.1


All dandasukas are energetic and crave entertainment, preferring the sick and cruel. Dandasuka pranks are rarely amusing for the victim. They revel in their work, delight in the sight of blood, and go about their work cheerfully, laughing as they manipulate and butcher victims.1

Dandasukas are afflicted with a monstrous hunger for flesh and blood, preferring humanoid meat over everything else. When blood is spilled in a fight, a dandasuka has difficulty containing its fiendish appetite, and might stop to take a lick or bite at the expense of a more tactically sound option.1

Dandasuka greed extends from amusements and food to wealth. All dandasukas love comfort, fine clothing, and shiny baubles.1


Dandasukas are dispatched by stronger rakshasas as emissaries and servants to allies. Despite their usual antics, they bargain in good nature and faith, only implying dire consequences for non-compliance, and efficiently take care of impasses if no favourable resolution can be reached. Dandasukas serving rakshasas curb their fiendish ways as best they can, though employers should still keep them amused and fed, but not too pleased, since they are known to take unwanted initiative because of off-hand idle remarks.1


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