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Type Outsider
(native, rakshasa, shapechanger)
CR 8
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 228

Marai are a species of rakshasas obsessed with deviant magic.[1]


A marai is finely robed and nimble, with six colourful vipers in place of arms, and a long, forked tongue in its fanged mouth. These arms are incapable of fine manipulation or wielding weapons, so a marai typically assumes humanoid form when needed; if that is not possible, it has to rely on a cantrip, slave, or ally. A marai is six feet tall and weighs 160 pounds.[1]


Marai are driven by the possibility of new magical discoveries with no concern for morality or ethics. A marai prefers to torment and exploit mortals unaware of its true nature, and to use magic to bring down would-be heroes, especially invaders. Marai only feel enjoyment, however, if victims are unaware of the danger or unable to oppose it.[1]


If allowed to indulge in their desire for perverse mystical study, most marai are content to serve under another rakshasa. A solitary marai might pose as a neophyte to infiltrate the abode of another spellcaster, who will either become a corpse or the servant if it is successful.[1]


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