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Raktavarnas are rakshasas of assassination and betrayal who test the reincarnated forms of those who were toxic double-crossers in a past life.3


Raktavarnas resemble red-eyed snakes with large fangs, but can also take the forms of inanimate objects such as swords and jewelry.4


Raktavarnas are intelligent beings capable of speaking and understanding Common tongnues, Chthonian, Diabolic, Empyrean, and Sakvroth languages.3

A raktavarna can ritually bind itself to another creature to accept it as their master. After doing so, the raktavarna grants its sight to their master, a link that can span any distance and across different planes of existence.3

Raktavarnas are venomous creatures who readily betray any who hold them with their fanged bite.4 They can also change their shape to any inanimate object, but reverts to their natural appearance when attempting to take any physical form of action.3


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