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(native, rakshasa, shapechanger)
Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 48

Amanusyas are a type of rakshasas who walk as mortals and tempt them into debauchery.1


Amanusyas resemble their non-rakshasa parent but with clawed hands, a backward-facing head and long, lolling tongue. An amanusya stands five and a half feet tall and weighs 120 pounds.1


Most amanusyas are female, but one in a dozen is male. They are born from the union of an amanusya and a mortal parent of similar size. Mortal parents are often pushed over the edge by the resemblance between them and their offspring, a physical reminder of corruption, and succumb to heinous temptations offered by the amanusyas. The most powerful amanusyas are born from devout followers of good deities.1


Amanusyas often disguise themselves as entertainers or exotic holy people. They seek to tempt mortals into depravity, and might stalk worthy victims for months before arranging a 'chance' meeting with them and engaging them with subtle approaches and calculated promises. They poison ambitious mortals with guarantees of a better life, endlessly assuring them that just one more contrivance, broken vow, heist, or blasphemy will secure true greatness, which is nothing more than a scam.1

Amanusyas dwell in cities, preferring places where they can easily blend in and observe potential victims. They lair in the former homes of victims, decorated with defiled religious items and the preserved corpses of those too pretty to consume.1

Amanusyas often form troupes for mutual protection against strong opponents. They loathe serving more powerful rakshasas, but sometimes are bribed or blackmailed into working as infiltrators. They see most mortals as food and playthings, though according to a Vudran folk tale; an amanusya can once in a millennium fall in love with a mortal, a union that never ends well.1


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