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(extraplanar, mythic)
22 / MR 8
Source: City of Locusts, pg(s). 90

Devastators are towering demonic walkers made out of steel from the Outer Rifts and powered by the soul of a tortured celestial.1


A devastator is a bipedal walker, made from strange materials found in deep Abyssal realms, with two tower-sized razor blades for wings and four limbs ending in wicked weapons. Its smoldering aura scorches the air, sizzling and crackling with impossible energies that defy reality. Some reports claim that the innards of a devastator are more murderous and gnashing than its fearsome exterior. Devastators stand 40 feet tall and weigh upwards of 40 tons.1


Devastators were originally designed by Haagenti as guardians and war machines for Abyssal hordes. Each is crafted by hundreds of dretch slaves, and the final step of the creation of a devastator involves lashing a good outsider whose spirit has been shattered and utterly corrupted into the machine's chassis. When the devastator is activated, any righteousness is forever drained from the celestial's screaming spirit. This corrupted life essence is capable of absorbing and corrupting holy energy.1

The ultimate fate of the imprisoned celestial is a mystery. Some scholars suppose they must surrender to some sort of respite in death, while others speculate that once the devastator is destroyed, the celestial might break free, filled with hatred for the world and mortals. The very presence of a devastator is sufficient to drive demonic hordes into unthinkable feats of savagery.1


Devastators are most often employed as the vanguard of Abyssal incursion and guards of invaded territory outside the Outer Rifts, but are sometimes used to protect strongholds of demon lords against celestial raids.1

On Golarion

Three devastators patrolled the Worldwound, hunting for crusaders who invented three nicknames for them. The Grinning Grinder is the most active, Faith-Breaker is especially feared by clerics, while Fury Engine was reportedly destroyed by a chorus of angels. It is whispered that Fury Engine was in fact not destroyed, but secreted away to a distant plane by the angels who seek to free the tormented soul of the planetar trapped inside.1


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