Dim Gate

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The Dim Gate's observatory sits on a peak in the Napsune Mountains. The site overlooks a narrow, secluded valley. The mountains protect the observatory from the perpetually rotating arms of the Eye of Abendego that deluge the lowlands of the Sodden Lands. The observatory's elevation provides a clear view of the sky on most nights. A narrow trail winds up the mountain peak to the observatory. Skeletal champions patrol the grounds around the observatory and a nightwing called Gloomtide soars above the site, keeping watch for any intruders.[1]

The Dim Gate itself is an interplanetary gate deep beneath the observatory. It is under construction by the lich diviner Meyi Panaho under the patronage of a mysterious being calling himself Tzriek, a bone sage from the dead planet Eox. Tzriek convinced Meyi to become immortal through lichdom in order to have the time to unlock the secrets of the universe.[2]


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