Meyi Panaho

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Meyi Panaho or Meyi Pahano

High Seer
Arcane bond
Source: Undead Unleashed, pg(s). 25

Meyi Panaho or Meyi Pahano (sources differ regarding the spelling) was a seer in Lirgen, before the fall of Aroden. In 4601 AR, she detected a number of ill omens that together seemed to indicate a monumental calamity was rapidly approaching. Soon thereafter, while studying a strange shrine in the Napsune Mountains, she was contacted by an otherworldly being calling itself Tzriek, a bone sage of the dead planet Eox, who provided a detailed prediction of the onset of the Eye of Abendego and possibly other calamities that soon came to pass.1

None among the Saoc Brethren believed these predictions, finding it easier to regard Meyi as a madwoman. Finding no audience among her peers, she retreated to her mountain shrine-cum-observatory. Following the fall of Aroden, Meyi managed to reestablish contact with Tzriek, who offered obscured lore and knowledge of other solar systems, even other galaxies. In exchange for this vast knowledge, Tzriek asked only that Meyi build a bridge between their two worlds—the Dim Gate. Before long Tzriek convinced Meyi that she would not be able to complete the Dim Gate during the course of her mortal lifetime, and soon she began the path to lichdom.12

When Aroden fell and the Eye of Abendego formed, many of the Saoc Brethren remembered Meyi's predictions and came to her seeking guidance out of their time of tribulation. Instead, she convinced the Brethren's leadership to commit mass suicide as an act of atonement, and used their deaths to fuel her transformation into a lich.3 Since her transformation, Meyi has tirelessly continued her work on the Dim Gate, along with Kian, her nosferatu servant and lover, and a clan of Koboto that she slew and raised as skeletons.2


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