Domora Hume

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Domora Hume

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 16

Domora Hume founded the city of Domora, which eventually became the largest city in the Sarkorian Steppe, in 4170 AR. In 4172 AR, Hume conjured a dreadful creature from the lake south of town (Hume's Pool) to defend the city from a large force of Mammoth Lord raiders. This creature was a powerful eidolon named Dyzad drawn from the Plane of Water. With Dyzad's aid, Hume repulsed the barbarians and saved his people. Thereafter, the amazed and grateful people of Domora began worshiping their savior eidolon as a god and Hume became the first of Sarkoris' god callers. Even after Hume's death, the people of Domora continued to worship Dyzad and Hume's descendants summoned aspects of the eidolon in times of need.1