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Type Fey
CR 4
Environment Any land

Source: The Snows of Summer, pg(s). 86

Dvorovoi[1] are house spirits who protect the yards and pastures instead of the home itself. They can feed and protect flocks of animals. Farmers try to attract these spirits by leaving offerings on the farmstead; such offerings may be of bread, wool, or shiny trinkets. New animals are introduced to the dvorovoi in order to gain its favor. Dvorovoi hate white animals, such as horses or cattle, but, oddly enough, not white chickens.[2]


  1. The plural and singular of dvorovoi are the same.
  2. Neil Spicer and James Wilber. (2013). Bestiary. The Snows of Summer, p. 87. Paizo Publishing, LLC. ISBN 978-1-60125-492-4