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Source: All or Nothing, pg(s). 82

Eberarks, also known as flint beasts, are arrogant predators capable of striking fire with their claws.1


Eberarks stand on four pairs of legs, each ending in large, curved claws. Their backs are covered by a coat of spines that rise into tall humps over their foremost pair of legs. Their heads are heavily built, and sport a pair of small red eyes and end in a short, stout muzzle.1


An eberark's claws strike up a shower of sparks when dragged along the ground, an ability the creatures can use to start fires. They also produce a highly flammable oil in their mouths, which they spit at targets to make them more susceptible to their flaming attacks.1

Ecology and society

Eberarks are vain and arrogant creatures, and greatly enjoy holding power over other intelligent creatures. In combat, eberarks enjoy tormenting their foes, and often taunt them with crude insults and verbal jabs. Ambitious individuals sometimes take over towns and force them to pay tribute, take leadership of outlaw bands, or become mercenaries.1


Illendior the Mighty is one of the most well-known eberarks in the Inner Sea region. He is physically twice his species' normal size. Illendior is a professional mercenary, and has fought over much of the Inner Sea. He has recently become interested in visiting the Irorium of Absalom, of which he has heard from other eberarks, for the opportunity to battle, humiliate, and defeat an endless stream of foes.1


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