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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Plague of Shadows

Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Companion(s) Elyana Sadrastis, Arcil, Stelan, Vallyn

Source: Plague of Shadows, pg(s). see Plague of Shadows/Index

Edak was a warrior adventurer of no great intelligence yet, nevertheless, formed a friendship with his adventuring companion, the wizard Arcil, who experimented on him with magical ruses to increase Edak's effectiveness in combat. He had a mass of dishevelled hair and wore no armour; he was tall but acted in an ungainly fashion.[1] He was an expert bowman.[2] As well as Arcil, Edak adventured with Elyana Sadrastis, Stelan and Vallyn. During a fight with wights sent by the Gray Gardeners of Galt, Edak met his death in a horrible magical accident when Arcil caught him in a powerful fire spell which burnt him to death.[3]