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Type Undead
CR 3
Environment Any
Images of wights

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 276

A wight is a corporeal undead created from the remains of a humanoid that has arisen from the dead through one of a number of causes:

  • the person faced a violent end;
  • their dead body was used to create a wight using necromantic magic;
  • the dead soul was a particularly nasty person in life;
  • the corpse was discovered by an evil spirit that was already undead and that spirit bonded with the corpse.[1]
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Different types of wight, exist including:[1]

On Golarion

Wights are counted amongst the lesser nobility of the undead-dominated nation of Geb.[2] A large group of them led by a daughter of Urgathoa named Illcayna Alonnor also reside in the ruined village of Finder's Gulch, located in the Menador Mountains of western Isger.[3] Wights are one of several types of undead the guard the House of the Senses Awakened amongst the wilds of the Porthmos Gap in Taldor. They serves at the behest of Origen Sarlu, a powerful undead known as a nemhain.[4]

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