Emperor stag

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Emperor stag
Type Animal
CR 3
Environment Temperate hills and forests

Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 61

Emperor stags are a variant of deer bred in Taldor for large, white antlers possessed by both males and females of the breed, as well as for endurance. Emperor stags possess legendary stamina, enough so to be able to outrun even the best horses and flee for days across difficult terrain, and possess steady footing that allows them to run nimbly across rough or uneven landscapes. Popular myth in Taldor holds that the only way to catch an emperor stag is to match its endurance and chase it for days until either the stag or the hunter collapses from exhaustion. However, Taldan nobles tend to exhaust these creatures by rotating packs of hunting dogs as needed and later creating fictional stories of hunts won through great personal endurance.[1]


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