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Warm river
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 110

The warm jungle river fey known as encantados are enthralled by human revelry and celebrations.1[citation needed]


Encantados resemble a cross between a human and a tropical river dolphin, their lower half being almost entirely dolphin-like in form. Towards their middle a encantado's body tappers into a more humanoid torso, complete with humanoid arms that end in a webbed hand as capable of manipulation as any human's. An encantado's head is a strange mix of humanoid and dolphin features, including a conspicuous blowhole, but also boasts a distinctly human head of luscious, flowing hair.1[citation needed]

Habitat and ecology

Encantados can be found in warm rivers in the hottest and most humid rivers of the world, normally dwelling on the outskirts of human civilisation. They are drawn to the revels and celebrations of civilised creatures, slipping from the water and changing into human form to blend seamlessly with party-goers and revellers. Encantados are skilled dancers and musicians, often becoming the life of the party for any event they infiltrate. When in human form encantados still retain their blowholes and, as such, they are very adept at hiding them, using either elaborate hairstyles or flamboyant hats to both conceal their inhuman feature and to catch the eye.1[citation needed]

For the most part encantados are kind creatures, drawn to celebrations of joy and revelling in the happiness of others. Some however stray from hedonists into full blown narcissists, becoming obsessed with the party-goers they frolic amongst and thinking nothing of kidnapping them for their own entertainment. Encantados often choose to become either druids to protect their river homes or bards to further revel in the celebrations they are drawn to.1[citation needed]

On Golarion

On Arcadia, encantados live along the numerous rivers that criss-cross the nation of Xopatl.2