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Dolphin is the name given to a family of aquatic mammals. Dolphins are sometimes taken as animal companions by maritime druids or rangers.12

Dolphin species

Numerous species of dolphin with unique characteristics and habitats exist. Bottlenose dolphins are the most common, hunting socially in shallow seas and rivers and gathering in groups called pods. Many sailors are fond of dolphins and tell stories of being saved by them from drowning or shark attacks.12 The Embaral Ocean is home to gray dolphins with blue-pink sides that are believed to be sacred to Hei Feng, and which sailors thus avoid harming.3 Orcas are the largest species on dolphin known, and are further distinguished from other dolphins by their black-and-white colorations.12 Popotos are the smallest dolphins known to exist, and are occasionally encountered in freshwater.4

Dolphin-like creatures

Encantados are a species of fey that frolic amidst the hottest jungle rivers. Drawn to humanoid celebrations, these creatures resemble a cross between a person and a tropical, pink-skinned river dolphin.5


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