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(angel, extraplanar, good)
Source: Wrath of Thrune, pg(s). 84

Erelims serve as cavalry in angelic armies. They charge into battle atop steeds of pure light and inspire allies with valiant words and deeds.1


Erelims appear as athletic, handsome humanoids from the Universe, usually with dark, close-cropped hair. They may present a huge variety of racial features in one form. An erelim's wings are smaller and more elegant than those of other angels. A typical erelim stands 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. They often conjure and ride on quasi-real mounts made of pure light.1


Erelims arise either from the souls of good mortals that fell honourably in battle or died fighting evil, or from wisps of soulstuff collected from a dozen or more brave shades in the Upper Planes. Erelims who stand out thanks to cunning and resourcefulness in battle are sometimes promoted to higher angelic choirs—most wish for the title of deva.1


Erelims are best suited to combat on open fields; most guard the borders of Heaven or patrol Elysium against protean incursions. They generally lack the cunning and restraint to act as covert agents. Erelims laugh in the face of danger, even going so far as to scorn armour, but despite their zeal, they are careful to avoid collateral damage and work to steer conflicts away from neutral settlements. Honourable and respectful, erelims obediently follow their superiors, but their impetuousness makes them difficult to organise and unwilling to retreat.1

Very rarely, erelims disguise as mortals to serve in Material Plane armies they deem righteous. They are not capable strategists, relying mostly on straightforward tactics and sheer numbers. Casualties are seen as a failure of leadership but are tolerated as long as an important objective is achieved. On the Material Plane, erelims only reveal their true celestial nature in desperation, and return to the Upper Planes once the danger has passed.1

The concept of relaxation is alien to the warlike erelims, who often spend their free time drilling, jousting, patrolling, strategising or maintaining their weapons. In times of peace, they have difficulty laying their duties aside, and many become anxious and reactionary, seeking conflict even in the most mundane activities.1

Erelims who serve together in a formation share a camaraderie and grow close as siblings, able to coordinate and work together without speaking a word. Formations in a single host often develop friendly rivalries and become recklessly competitive in battle, which are discouraged by their commanders to little success.1

When called by mortal spellcasters, erelims belittle any tasks that do not test their mettle or call for heroism, demanding extravagant payments; conversely, they exuberantly agree to requests that put them in direct conflict with evil, only asking to be fight alongside their summoners. Erelims do not accept obviously suicidal tasks, but sometimes vastly underestimate mortal dangers.1


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