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Source: Runeplague, pg(s). 64

Erigantus is an agent of the Whispering Way responsible for disabling the seal imprisoning Tar-Baphon in Kaer Maga.1


Erigantus was born near the border between Lastwall and Ustalav and rescued by his adopted parents from his birth parents. From a young age, he admired his brother Ilaar's active and adventurous life. After their parents died in an orc raid, Ilaar and Erigantus moved to Vigil. Ilaar petitioned to join the Knights of Ozem, but was rejected, and the brothers became destitute after nine months due to bad luck and limited money. The next spring, Ilaar was framed by a gang of criminals of a crime he did not commit, and was executed by the Knights of Ozem. The same night, Erigantus fled back to Ustalav and joined the Whispering Way, eager to see Vigil decay.1

Erigantus rose swiftly in the ranks of the Way, and was tasked with leading an expedition to Varisia to investigate a rumour that one of the seals keeping Tar-Baphon imprisoned was located there. At Kaer Maga, he discovered that the rumour was correct: the seal he sought was guarded by the Brotherhood of the Seal, but he was not capable of destroying it. His predicament was solved when his new lover Leptonia asked him for his help in creating the polymorph plague in exchange for Zutha's Bone Grimoire. After spending a few months in Magnimar helping Leptonia (and giving her a perversely touching parting gift, a totenmaske resembling himself), Erigantus returned to Kaer Maga to study the Bone Grimoire, and discovered the way to destroy the seal. With the Bone Grimoire in hand, he defeated the Brotherhood of the Seal and deactivated the seal, but the remaining seals cannot be destroyed in the same way, so while the other Whispering Way agents returned to Ustalav, Erigantus stayed in Kaer Maga to study the Bone Grimoire, inadvertently causing Zutha's influence to grow and speeding up his return.123


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