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Everlight is the divine realm of the sun goddess Sarenrae and it floats serenely above the plane of Nirvana. As a goddess of redemption and mercy, no violent thoughts are possible within Everlight and those who seek violence cannot enter this realm, it simply does not exist for them. Not just violence, but lies and even deceit are impossible within Everlight's borders. Everlight is the original home of the powerful outsiders known as peri,1 as well as the draconic sirrush.2 Everlight is also a place where any servant of Sarenrae can meet and plan their divine crusades without any fear of spies or treachery. Everlight is visible across the entirety of the plane of Nirvana, serving as a sun of sorts. However, unlike the real sun, the light of Everlight never burns or damages, casting all the plane in is gentle golden radiance.1


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