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Peris are a race of celestials believed to be descended from fallen angels.1[citation needed]


A peri resembles a beautiful albino humanoid wreathed in wings of brilliant flame.12


Peris are native to the good-aligned Outer Planes, but they are also often found in the company of mortals on the Material Plane. They do penance for the sins of their fallen angel ancestors to earn a place in paradise, and work tirelessly to aid mortal heroes against evil,1 though their aid is often mysterious, couched in riddles or as quests. Indeed, peris are known to be fickle, even deceptive, though never in a fashion that might harm a mortal.2 The peris originate from Everlight, the divine realm of the sun goddess Sarenrae, and many still reside there today, basking in it peaceful glow.3


Peris hate the divs and often work to repair damage wrought by them. The feeling is mutual: divs delight in torturing and persecuting peris by locking them in cold iron cages.1[citation needed]


Peri-blooded, also known as emberkin, are empyreans who trace their divine heritage back to the peri. They are driven to redeem others and feel a compulsion to constantly commits acts of kindness and good. Because of the dark history of the peri, emberkin are more likely than any other type of empyreans to slip into true evil, becoming truly wicked creatures.4


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