High Ninshabur

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High Ninshabur
Nation Everlight, Nirvana
Size Metropolis
Population 5,550,000
Demographics 2,500,000 agathions; 2,000,000 cleansed petitioners; 520,000 humans; 400,000 peris; 50,000 angels; 15,000 aasimars; 10,000 dwarves; 10,000 halflings; 5,000 elves; 40,000 other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral good
Ruler Council of Light and Truth
Leader Nadiya ibnat-Haldazhai
Khaira al-Tabsagali

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 165

High Ninshabur is a holy city of Sarenrae on the coast of the Sea of No Shadows in the plane of Nirvana, the Dawnflower's Outer Sphere home. It is one of the largest cities in Nirvana, and unlike the rest of Everlight, Sarenrae's realm is open to followers of other faiths.[1]


The population of High Ninshabur consists of mortal worshipers of Sarenrae, including descendants of those from the ancient nation of Ninshabur destroyed by the Tarrasque.[1]


High Ninshabur is famed for selling divinely inspired tools of magical healing crafted by Sarenrae's clergy.[1]