Fadil ibn-Kazar

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Fadil ibn-Kazar
Aliases Moukish, Khalid, Seef, Hassfa
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 4
Gender Male
Homeland Katapesh

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 14

Fadil ibn-Kazar is said to be the leader of a motley bunch of Katapeshi miscreants: Moukish, a talkative beggar; Khalid, a nervous pesh addict; Seef, a wiry pickpocket; and Hassfa, a brutish, grunting thug. Fadil himself is primarily a pesh dealer, but he makes a decent secondary trade by peddling information and rumor. While his operation is small in scale, he has earned a reputation for discreetly keeping his clients' privacy, and his followers are fiercely loyal to him.[1]

At least, this is the what everyone believes. The unusual truth is that Fadil has no followers: each of them is actually one of Fadil's aliases, by way of a complex set of disguises that he maintains with quick changes, old clothes, greasepaint, and a knack for voice acting. He dreams of someday acquiring a hat of disguise, which would allow him to add a female cohort to his group of rogues, or perhaps even something as exotic as a dwarf, elf, or gnoll. By alternating his disguises, Fadil cleverly creates the illusion of a larger organization around him, while simultaneously removing the risk of being taken out by a disgruntled follower.[1]


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