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Titles Lieutenant
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Axiomite
Gender Female
Homeland Sayashto, Axis
Deity Abadar

Source: The Reaper's Right Hand, pg(s). 56
Type Outsider
(extraplanar, lawful)
CR 11

Source: The Reaper's Right Hand, pg(s). 56

Fanalyx is an axiomite detective stationed in the district of Sayashto in Axis. By the standards of Axis, she is particularly willing to bend the rules and work with strangers to keep public order.[1]


Like most axiomites, Fanalyx was formed from the union of numerous lawful souls. She started working as a mathematician and economic analyst, and from her data she discovered the evidence of a smuggling ring within Axis, which none of her colleagues noticed. With her superior's permission, she pursued the clues, built the case, and led the inevitable raid on the smugglers, shutting them down.[1]

In her new job as a detective, Fanalyx found herself capable of deductions that challenged the department's standards due to her analytical mind. She was reprimanded a few times for bending the rules but distinguished herself many times, eventually reaching the rank of lieutenant and being granted oversight over Sayashto. However, as Sayashto is a quiet district with little crime, its resources were drawn to defend Axis from protean aggression; Fanalyx spends most of her time doing paperwork and misses her days working at the departmental level. Her superiors, still disconcerted by her willingness to follow unusual solutions, view her current assignment as a way to practise the fundamentals of police methodology.[1]


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