Castle Overwatch

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Castle Overwatch in Vigil is established upon a rocky hill at the bend of the Path River, called the Watcher's Tor. Its 100-pace high central tower provides a clear view of the Hold of Belkzen frontier, the river, and even the Virlych hills. By night, the great tower and turrets of the keep below are lit with a magically created golden flame, which sheds light all around the city of Vigil and gives an advantage to its defenders against the orcs and many Ustalavic terrors moving in the dark.1

The original watchtower of Fort Lorrin which was located upon the Watcher's Tor, still stands as a monument, enshrined within the ground floor of the great tower of the castle, together with the holiest relic of the Shining Crusade, the Shattered Shield of Arnisant.2

The central citadel of Castle Overwatch is home to the Watcher-Lord, ruler of Lastwall, and the buildings of the Crusader War College are built in its outer bailey.34

An impressive feature of the Castle Overwatch is its magnificent extradimensional stable where hundreds of horses are kept and tended. These horses are Vigil's strategic reserve of mounts. The stable can be connected to either the southeast gate or the northwest gate of the city, responding to an emergency.3


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