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Amoeba swarm
Giant amoeba
A giant amoeba.

Amoebas (or amoebae) are microscopic single-celled creatures that are known to grow to unusually large sizes.1


Amoebas are mindless predators and attempt to feed on anything they encounter. Unlike other, truly amorphous oozes, amoebas possess distinct outer membranes that keep their internal structures contained, and which render them more vulnerable to slashing or puncturing damage. This membrane, however, is very flexible, allowing amoebas to form pseudopods and extensions of themselves with which to engulf prey and digest it with acidic secretions produced by the creature.1

Amoebas possess a complex life cycle, which alternates between two distinct forms. Amoebas can be encountered as either an amoeba swarm of thousands of microscopic amoebas held together by a weakly acidic slime or as much larger giant amoebas. When a swarm has fed sufficiently well, its component amoebas will fuse into a single giant amoeba. Once a giant amoeba has grown to a sufficiently large size, it will separate into two distinct amoeba swarms.1

On Golarion

Giant amoebas have been spotted all across Golarion's darker places, including the decaying sewers below the Ustalavic city of Ardis,2 in the dungeons below the siege castle known as Asad's Keep in the Cairnlands outside Absalom,3 the piling of Magnimar's Irespan called the Crow,4 the tunnels of the mongrelman settlement of Neathholm in Mendev,5 and the Brinestump Caverns below Varisia's Brinestump Marsh.6


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