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Brinestump Marsh

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Brinestump Marsh is a small wetlands region in southwestern Varisia just south of the town of Sandpoint.[1] The marsh is located in the Soggy River delta, just west of the Lost Coast Road, and is just over two miles in length and less than a mile wide.


Brinestump Marsh is home to a well-known goblin tribe known as the Licktoad, and also to a notorious goblin cannibal named Vorka.[2] Other creatures that make the marsh their home include goblin snakes, giant geckos, faceless stalkers, but it is fear of Old Megus the Swamp Witch that keeps locals truly at bay.[3]

Other Inhabitants

Further inhabitants include:[4]

Locations in the Swamp

There are a number of interesting locations to be found in the Brinestump Marsh:[4]