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Nation Absalom

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 12

The inevitable result of over four millennia of warfare and countless unsuccessful sieges on the walls of Absalom, the region around the city is known as the Cairnlands and is filled with ruined siege engines and battlements.[1][2] Notable among the ruins are the Red Redoubt of Karamoss,[1][2] the dangerous El Raja Key,[1][2] and the infamous, immense, and strangely beautiful Spire of Nex,[1][2] located ten miles north of Absalom.[2]

In addition to these rotting relics of war, the landscape is scattered with stone barrows, shallow graves, and makeshift tombs for those who fell in battle far from their native soil. While the promise of treasure constantly tempts adventurers and explorers to brave the crumbling castles of the Cairnlands, the walking dead buried without proper consecration provide enough of a deterrent that plenty of artifacts of ages past remain hidden among the rubble.[1]