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Giant flea
Level 3

Source: The Show Must Go On, pg(s). 83
Flea swarm
Level 5

Source: The Show Must Go On, pg(s). 83

Fleas are blood-drinking insects that can be encountered both as diminutive vermin and as giant, powerful creatures.[1]


Fleas live as parasites on larger animals, drinking their blood. They occasionally gather in large roving swarms, which drain the blood from any creature that crosses their path. Fleas can transmit disease to other creatures.[1]


Giant fleas are immense variants of the common insect. They typically feed on and are found alongside large megafauna, such as dinosaurs and mammoths.[1]

In society

Fleas are often used as pets, beasts of burden, or minions by creatures, such as goblins and gremlins, that live in conditions of intense filth or overpopulation. Such creatures are unfazed by the appearance of and diseases transmitted by fleas. Ratfolk are known to use tamed giant fleas as mounts. Urban druids, particularly ones who use magic based on blights or disease, are also known to summon swarms of fleas.[1]


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