Grand Court of Heaven

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The officers of the Grand Court of Heaven are the ultimate arbiters of goodness and law in Heaven. Located on Iudica, the sixth level of Heaven, the Grand Court is a complex of courtrooms, libraries, scriptoria, and classrooms focused on judging the qualities of virtue, justice, and benevolence throughout the Great Beyond. The staff is composed of 71 angels, archons, empyreal lords, and deities who hear cases appealed from the 77 circuit courts that search for unresolved ethical issues throughout the planes. The officers of the Grand Court spend most of their time refining the laws of Heaven, but occasionally hear disputes between the plane's inhabitants, or direct appeals brought by fallen paladins or apostate clerics. The libraries of the Grand Court contain all of Heaven's laws, as well as records of its majority opinions, concurrences, and dissents, as well as those from the circuit courts.1

The empyreal lord Zohls locates his palace within the Grand Court of Heaven.1


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