Melek Taus

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Melek Taus

Peacock Angel
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Source: The Great Beyond, pg(s). 38

Melek Taus, also known as the Peacock Angel, is a little-known empyreal lord who once ruled the sixth layer of Heaven.1


Melek Taus was the creator of an unarmed fighting style known as melekatha.2 At some point in distant history, Melek Taus vanished and no one knows her current location. Her followers believe that she has not been slain, but may have been captured by a mortal spellcaster, and may yet return to Heaven. Regardless, her whereabouts are unknown.1 Another theory is that she has fallen victim to Szuriel, as the Rider of War wields a corrupted greatsword known as Lamentation of the Faithless, rumoured to have once belonged to the Peacock Angel.3


Melek Taus once ruled from an enormous steel-walled castle on the slopes of the celestial mountain. Beautiful silver flying buttresses adorn its ramparts, decorated with gemstone murals showing Heaven's greatest victories against the forces of the Outer Rifts and the Maelstrom. The palace now lies completely empty and open, with no archons patrolling its walls, and is known as the Empty Palace of Melek Taus.1


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