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Gustari Fallenstag

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Gustari Fallenstag

Council Libertine (currently)
Knights of Ozem (formerly)
Source: Gardens of Gallowspire, pg(s). 21

Gustari Fallenstag is a member of the Council Libertine, a group of Knights of Ozem from Lastwall captured and transformed into graveknights when infiltrating Geb, who now serve as bodyguards and jailers for Arazni. Gustari often leads the vanguard of Council Libertine expeditions against Geb's enemies, and is an insufferably arrogant person.12


Gustari always bears a fierce grin on her face, which is covered in numerous scars from claws and beaks. Her cheeks are etched with tear-tracks as if from acid.1


Alongside the other members of the Council Libertine, Gustari watches over Arazni on behalf of the wizard-king Geb, under the pretence of being her bodyguards. Arazni has been mentally conditioned so she can never raise a hand against them.2


From a young age, Gustari was a talented scout and hunter, and member of the Knights of Ozem. She rose through the ranks quickly due to her useful skills. When Amaretos Barronmor began gathering allies for an invasion of Geb, the zealous and proud Gustari thought that victory would be easy, and she eagerly joined Amaretos and five other knights to spy on Geb to gather information and seek out allies in preparation of the invasion.1

Like all of her companions, Gustari was eventually captured by Geb. He forced Gustari to kill her hippogriff mount with her bare hands, then resurrected it and forced her to kill it again and again. When Gustari refused, he had the hippogriff kill her instead, then resurrected her. Gustari's existence became locked in a cycle of killing and being killed by her mount, until she began to look forward to each fight and her cruelty grew. Knowing that she had been broken, Geb transformed her into a graveknight.1

After all seven knights have been transformed into graveknights, Geb dubbed them the Council Libertine and sent them to raid Vigil and steal Arazni's corpse, so he could reanimate her as a lich.3


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