Gyaltho Tulku

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Gyaltho Tulku

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 45 (1E)

Gyaltho Tulku is the appointed ruler of the capital city of Sangpo-Jong, and therefore the acting ruler of the entire samsaran nation of Zi Ha. Gyaltho is a devout priest of the god Tsukiyo1 and he lives within the Temple of Tsukiyo that sits in the heart of Sangpo-Jong. Gyaltho has been a priest at this temple for his past three lifetimes and wonders if this will be his final reincarnation before moving on from the Material Plane. Gyaltho is concerned, however, as he has come to feel spiritually distant from his god Tsukiyo and no amount of contemplation or meditation has been able to resolve this feeling.2


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