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Accents: suggestion to remove the need for such redirects

I just embarked on setting up redirects for Bundózo and Chilémbi without the accents as per the guidance in this help page and tradition of this wiki. However, if you type in either of those names without accents the wiki finds the page anyway. Adding a redirect is then not needed. Worse, it potentially means the names of these cities could be misspelt because of the existence of a page without the accents. We have a rule: However, do not make redirects to cover potential typos for exactly this reason.

I am unsure if the wiki automatically copes with all diacriticals in the search. If it does, I suggest we amend this help page to remove the need for redirects for accents and other diacritical marks. -Fleanetha (talk) 19:13, 27 July 2019 (UTC)