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Source: Red Harvest, pg(s). 3 (1E)

Holadi was a member of the royal family of Nagajor during the earliest days after its founding and was the great granddaughter of the goddess Nalinivati when she was still mortal. A quiet and curious royal naga, Holadi turned her back on her right to rule and instead dedicated herself to the mysteries of poetry and the natural world. As a youth, Holadi used to follow Nalinivati about, asking a never-ending stream of questions about her life and experiences that never seemed to bother Nalinivati and, in the end, she and Holadi became quite close. After Nalinivati's ascension to godhood, Holadi moved into the remote Kullan Dei mountains and devoted herself to the writing of the Lotus Annals, a book of her memories and reflections that included many stories and parables from Nalinivati's mortal life. While the Lotus Annals are not considered one of Nalinivati's holy texts, it is valued by her worshippers, but it is a rare book, with most copies stored securely in the Nagajor capital of Zom Kullan.1