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Nagaji1 are an ancestry of serpent-like humanoid creatures native to the Tian Xia2 realm of Nagajor.3 Most have humanoid figures and serpentine heads, and many serve as heralds, companions, and servitors of powerful nagas. They hold a deep reverence for holy areas and spiritual truths,4 an aspect many others find as intimidating as a nagaji's appearance.5


Nagaji are diverse in appearance. Depending on their heritage, a nagaji can have a snake-like head with a human body, a human-like torso with a snake's tail, both a tail and legs, muscular or lithe bodies, long or short necks, frilled or scaled backs, clawed hands and feet, or might resemble lamias more than nagaji. Their scales have colors or patterns that resemble a snake's or naga's, and their intensely gazing snake eyes are unblinking.4 They have either rows of needle-like hooked teeth or a pair of serpentine fangs.6


Nagaji were created by the goddess Nalinivati, after being inspired by both humans and nagas.74 Because of this, many assume that they were created to be servants of nagas, although in truth Nalinivati created the nagaji purely for the sake of creating.4


The overwhelming majority of nagaji worship their creator Nalinivati, so much so that nagaji who worship other deities provokes strong negative reactions from other nagaji. Nagaji often pay homage to Ravithra as the mother of nagas without praying to her, as they feel that petty mortal concerns are too small to bother her. A small minority of nagaji worship Diomazul, and those who do are tolerated, but are as feared and avoided as their god.6


Paizo published articles about nagaji on pages 16–19 of Blood of the Beast and pages 46–51 of Impossible Lands.

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