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Valeros confronts a water naga
Type Aberration
CR varies
Environment varies
Images of nagas

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 211-3

Nagas, or "wormfolk" as they are derogatorily known,[1] are a family of strange creatures found throughout Golarion. They share the same general physical shape: a long, serpentine body with a humanoid head. All are at least of average human intelligence. Known naga-kin include the water naga[2] who predominately dwell in warm ocean waters, the subterranean dark naga,[3] the benevolent guardian naga,[4] the spiritual lunar naga,[5] the sorcerous spirit naga,[6] and the five-headed royal naga.[7]

Although found throughout Golarion, they seem most concentrated in the nation of Nagajor, which the Naga themselves believe to be their ancestral home. Scholars disagree with this point and believe that they may have migrated from the continent of Vudra.[8]