Horsemen of the Velashu Uplands

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The Horsemen of the Velashu Uplands, also known as Velashu Horse Lords1 or, simply, the Horselords, are a group of rugged rangers and barbarians who roam the lands north of Riddleport.

The Horselords mostly consist of Ulfen warriors who came south to Varisia in search of a more peaceful existence. Over the generations, they mixed with local Varisians, and even the occasional Shoanti. The Shoanti influence has given them the colloquial name of the "Eighth Quah" despite the fact they are not a true Shoanti tribe.2

Traveling in nomadic tribes, the Horselords follow the vast herds of wild horses. They are renowned for being fine riders and horse breeders, and often travel to settlements such as Riddleport to sell or trade these animals. However, they vet all prospective buyers to ensure they are suitable owners, and if they do agree to sell they require the new owner to promise never to sell or give away the horse to anyone else.34

Their location in north-west Varisia often puts them in conflict with the far more vicious Noland Raiders to the north.2 However, they are usually on reasonable terms with the elves of the nearby Mierani Forest.4


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