House Parastric

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House Parastric
Type Social
Leader Astranovidova Parastric
Alignment Chaotic evil
Headquarters The Moaning Vault
Goals Fleshwarping
Scope National (all drow society)
Structure Noble House
Members Followers of Haagenti, fleshwarped monstrosities

Source: Endless Night, pg(s). 51

House Parastric is one of the twelve most powerful noble houses of the city of Zirnakaynin and therefore of the drow. They are considered one of the lesser houses, as they are not quite as powerful as some of the others and are secretly reviled by most other drow; nonetheless, they are too powerful to be ignored. The House's patron is Haagenti, the Whispers Within, demon lord of alchemy and change, who encourages her worshipers to indulge in the creation of monstrous new life. House Parastric is unique amongst the twelve noble houses in that they do not maintain a palace within Zirnakaynin, but instead have it outside the walls of Cocyrdavarin, in a place now known as the Moaning Vault.

House Parastric has maintained its power throughout the years due to their possession of a powerful secret: the art of fleshwarping. They have used it to create deadly guardians, like the drider, powerful laborers like the ghonhatine, or twisted living art like the irnakurse. In addition to fleshwarping, they have created the technique called fleshcrafting, in which monstrous appendages are grafted onto a drow's body. Almost every member of House Parastric has had some fleshcrafting performed on them, and some even undergo full fleshwarps. The house's matron, Astranovidova, is guarded at all times by her daughter, Mardeis, whom she had transformed into a drider.[1]

Notable members