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Titles the Drowned City
Nation Sodden Lands
Region Lirgen
Size Small town
Population 1,340
Demographics 980 humans, 360 other
Government Magical
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Adjective Hyrantam
Ruler Star Savior
Leader Harbormaster Vancen

Source: Seers of the Drowned City, pg(s). 47

Hyrantam, the Drowned City, was once the capital of Lirgen, in what today is known as the Sodden Lands. The Saoc Brethren built hundreds of towers for use as observatories. The coming of the Eye of Abendego drowned the city, but the tops of the towers remain above the water. The city's remaining population live atop the towers, which they have connected with a crude network of rope bridges and pulleys. For some reason, aberrations from the depths of the Arcadian Ocean are drawn to these observatories, so the city is a dangerous place.[1]