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Belor Hemlock, a Shoanti human.
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Humans are the most numerous civilized humanoid ancestries of Golarion with a variety of ethnicities, and a stake in virtually every corner of the world.12 Known for their adaptability and versatility, humans have throughout history been behind many of the largest and most prosperous of nations.3


Humans have a broad variety of physical traits and diverse variation within them, including their height, weight, and hair. Their skin tones that range from lighter to darker hues that generally correspond to how near to Golarion's equator that they or their ancestors lived.2

Humans reach physical maturity around their 15th year but are considered fully mature within a few years. The average human's lifespan is approximately 90 years.2


No one truly knows what deity or creature first created the human race. According to alghollthu wall carvings, they were responsible for humanity's creation, although this claim is impossible to prove conclusively.4

The first great human civilization was that of Azlant, which arose over 10,000 years ago on the destroyed continent bearing the same name in the middle of the Arcadian Ocean. It was destroyed by Earthfall in -5293 AR5, which ushered in the Age of Darkness. New great human civilizations did not arise again in the Inner Sea region until the Age of Anguish, when the Jistka, Shory, and Osiriani empires flourished in northern Garund. Old Man Jatembe and his Ten Magic Warriors refounded the practice of magic among humanity, while in Avistan, the first great civilization was founded when Taldaris unified the city-states of Taldor.6

The ascendancy of Aroden, the god of humanity, ushered in the Age of Enthronement. In the subsequent centuries, the modern Inner Sea region took shape. The Witch-Queen Baba Yaga established Irrisen, passing her throne to a line of daughters. Taldor entered a gradual decline, ceding land to the Padishah Empire of Kelesh and facing internal rebellions (known as the Even-Tongued Conquest, ultimately leading to the formation of Cheliax. Choral the Conqueror united the lands of Brevoy. Daidian Ruel laid the foundation for the Hellknights, and the Varisian hero Soividia Ustav founded Ustalav. Humanity left an indelible mark on history. Then, a century ago, Aroden met his demise, ushering in the Age of Lost Omens.6

Aroden's death triggered widespread calamity throughout Golarion. In the north, a rift to the Outer Rifts devoured the nation of Sarkoris, unleashing hordes of demons through the ensuing Worldwound. To the south, the unrelenting Eye of Abendego hurricane submerged the homelands of the Lirgeni and Yamasa. Prophecies worldwide crumbled, and humanity, stripped of a patron god, persevered as a resilient and ambitious force, determined to shape the destiny of Golarion.6

On Golarion

Distinct ethnic groups can be found throughout the world, each with its own unique culture and appearance. While mingling does occur, most humans fall into one of these groupings more prominently than the others.

The known human ethnicities of Golarion are as follows, grouped by continent of origin.





Crown of the World


  • A race of primitive humans is known to inhabit Deep Tolguth in Orv, where they are in constant tribal warfare with the nearby primitive orcs and xulgaths.8



Tian Xia

In Golarion's solar system

Through mostly magical means, small populations of humans exist on other planets in Golarion's solar system.

The Sun

While largely uninhabitable, at least one human—the powerful wizard Eziah—lives on the Sun in a structure called the Silent Sanctum. Humans might also live in the magically protected Burning Archipelago.10


The inhospitable world of Aballon is dominated by constructs and robots, but the town of Horsethroat consists of humans and other sentient races from other worlds marooned in an ice well by mysterious magic.11


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Humans, or a species of humanoid all but indistinguishable from humans, are one of the dominant races on the red planet of Akiton. Akitonians have red skin and are roughly divided into city-dwellers and desert barbarians. They are capable of interbreeding with Golarion humans. The greatest city of the Akitonians is the free city of Arl, which ages ago was conquered by travelers from Azlant on Golarion and still retains lingering elements of Azlanti culture.12


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Eox is a dead world inhabited by undead humanoids, but in its distant past its living inhabitants were extremely similar to humans. Some theories suggest Eoxians may have even been the human race's progenitors.13

On distant worlds

Humans live on at least two planets outside of Golarion's solar system, though they have no known links to Golarion's race.


For other meanings of "Androffan", please see Androffan (disambiguation).

The space-traveling people of Androffa were technologically advanced humans.14 They created the android race in their image.15


Humans make up the vast majority of a distant planet called Earth, which is reportedly in the midst of a massive war.16


Paizo published a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook titled Inner Sea Races, which features articles for many human ethnicities of Golarion.

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