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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Nightglass
Race/Species Human
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Homeland Born in Crosspine, Nidal; formerly Pangolais, Westcrown, and Pezzack
Deity Agnostic; formerly Zon-Kuthon
Organization None; formerly Shadowcallers, Midnight Guard
Companion(s) Kirii,[1] Ascaros, Kyril, Ena, Teglias[2]; Honey (dog)

Source: Nightglass, pg(s). 19

Isiem is a Nidalese wizard who trained as a shadowcaster with the shadowcallers of Dusk Hall in Pangolais.[3] He later served with the Midnight Guard in Westcrown[4] before deserting during a shadowcaller assignment in Crackspike.[5]

After aiding the Windspire tribe of strix against a Chelish incursion, he exiled himself to Pezzack,[6] where he joined the town's rebellion against the diabolic empire.[7]

He later recruited his childhood friend and former classmate Ascaros for an Aspis Consortium-led expedition to the Umbral Basin in search of the nightblade, a Nidalese artifact.[8][9]

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Isiem's story is told in the Pathfinder Tales novels Nightglass and Nightblade.