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Misery's Mirror

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Misery's Mirror
Misery's Mirror
Author(s) Liane Merciel
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price ePub: $0.99
Serialized July 2012
Released October 2013
Type Short Fiction
Binding ePub
ISBN 978-1-60125-636-2 (ebook)
Series Pathfinder Tales web fiction
Chapters 4 chapters
Follows A Tomb of Winter's Plunder
Precedes The Twelve-Hour Statue
Artwork from Misery's Mirror

"Misery's Mirror", a short story by Liane Merciel, was released as Pathfinder Tales web fiction in July 2012 and released as a compiled ebook in October 2013. The story is a tie-in to Merciel's Pathfinder Tales novel, Nightglass.

The Shadowcallers of Nidal are some of the most feared spellcasters on Golarion, known for their remorseless cruelty and ruthlessness. When the newly minted Shadowcaller Isiem agrees to accompany his estranged friend Ascaros on a journey to investigate his aunt's death and reclaim her possessions, he finds himself face to face with a powerful artifact of great interested to the pairs' academy, the infamous Dusk Hall of Pangolais. Face with age-old curses, betrayal from within Zon-Kuthon's dread ranks, and worse, Isiem may soon regret trading the known dangers of the Dusk Hall for the unknowns of Nisroch.


"Misery's Mirror" contains the following chapters:

  1. A Death in Nisroch - July 4, 2012 - link
  2. Hovels - July 11, 2012 - link
  3. Silence - July 18, 2012 - link
  4. The Burdens of History - July 25, 2012 - link


"Misery's Mirror" features the following characters:


The events of "Misery's Mirror" take place during Isiem's time at Dusk Hall in Pangolais, somewhere during the first half of Nightglass.


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