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Nightblade (novel)

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Author(s) Liane Merciel
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print: $9.99
ePub/PDF: $6.99
Released October 2014
Type Novel
Binding Mass market paperback
Pages 377 pages
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-662-1
ISBN 978-1-60125-663-8 (ebook)
Series Pathfinder Tales
Chapters 23 chapters
Follows Reign of Stars
Precedes Pirate's Promise
Artwork from Nightblade

Nightblade, a novel by Liane Merciel, was released in October 2014. The novel follows the characters and events of Merciel's 2012 novel, Nightglass.

Where Demons Fear to TreadRaised as a wizard-priest in the church of the dark god Zon-Kuthon, Isiem escaped his sadistic masters and became a rebel, leaving behind everything he knew in order to follow his conscience. Now, his unique heritage makes him perfect for a dangerous mission into an ancient dungeon said to hold a magical weapon capable of slaying demons and devils by the thousands and freeing the world of their fiendish taint. Accompanied by companions ranging from a righteous paladin to mercantile mercenaries, Isiem will lead the expedition back into shadowed lands that are all too familiar. And what the adventurers find at the dungeon's heart will change them all forever.


Nightblade features the following characters:


  • Map (8)
  • Chapter 1 Plague Birds (9)
  • Chapter 2 The Nightblade (25)
  • Chapter 3 Companions in the Light (39)
  • Chapter 4 Terms (55)
  • Chapter 5 The Sorcerer in Shadow (69)
  • Chapter 6 Into the Valley (83)
  • Chapter 7 Stories (97)
  • Chapter 8 Temptations (113)
  • Chapter 9 The Hunt (125)
  • Chapter 10 The Howl (139)
  • Chapter 11 Gifts of the Dead (151)
  • Chapter 12 The Valley of Nightmares (165)
  • Chapter 13 The Splinter Men (179)
  • Chapter 14 Fiendslair (191)
  • Chapter 15 The Laboratory of Demons (207)
  • Chapter 16 Haunted (227)
  • Chapter 17 Discoveries (243)
  • Chapter 18 The Seraptis Door (259)
  • Chapter 19 One of the Lost (281)
  • Chapter 20 The Creator's Blades (301)
  • Chapter 21 Reunions (319)
  • Chapter 22 Crossroads and Loyalties (331)
  • Chapter 23 One Last Time (345)
  • Epilogue (357)
  • About the Author (365)
  • Acknowledgements (367)
  • Glossary (369)

Paizo has published Chapter One Plague Birds on-line as the Nightblade Sample Chapter: link.


Plot summary

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The events of this novel occur after the events of the novel Nightglass.

References and index notes

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