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Volsazni Dezarr

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Volsazni Dezarr
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Vampire
Class Mesmerist 10
Gender Male
Homeland Nidal
Deity Zon-Kuthon

Source: Nidal, Land of Shadows, pg(s). 45

Volsazni Dezarr is a Nidalese vampire. He acquired Silverfang, a magical rapier, from a group of vampire slayers from Ustalav who tried to eliminate him. Over the years he has lent Silverfang to over a dozen of his thralls and five of his dhampir children; his son Gnaeus Gnaru is the latest to carry it.[1]

Dezarr often holds court in in his "Castle of the Captive Sun", where he keeps many celestial-blooded "guests" in the lap of luxury, preferring to feed off them for the pain their holy blood causes.[2]