Volsazni Dezarr

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Volsazni Dezarr
Volsazni Dezarr bids welcome to the Castle of the Captive Sun.

Source: Nidal, Land of Shadows, pg(s). 45

Volsazni Dezarr is a Nidalese moroi vampire. He acquired Silverfang, a magical rapier, from a group of vampire slayers from Ustalav who tried to eliminate him. Over the years he has lent Silverfang to over a dozen of his thralls and five of his dhampir children; his son Gnaeus Gnaru is the latest to carry it.1

Although Volsazni has a townhouse in Pangolais, he prefers to spend time in his estate, the Castle of the Captive Sun, where he keeps many holy creatures like empyreans and Sarenites in the lap of luxury, preferring to feed off them for the pain their blood causes, while chaining them to their gilded chairs and preventing them from escaping with numerous traps, spells, and his dire wolf guardian. He sometimes invites fellow vampires to luxurious dinners, during which the captives' pain is escalated to an appalling degree. Volsazni also maintains a collection of holy and solar-related magic items, whose powers are directed upon his own flesh and that of his dhampir children. He is willing to part with any of them if offered a new useful trinket, but scorns those who view his collection as a shopping arcade.23


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