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Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 27
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Jininsiel was an elven oracle born before the Earthfall who guided her people on an exodus beneath most of Golarion before founding a new nation on the surface.1


The modern-day flag of Jinin showing a representation of the mithral tree seen in Jininsiel's vision.

In the aftermath of the ancient apocalypse known as the Earthfall, many of the elves of the Mierani Forest—located in what is now known as Varisia—chose to retreat into the Nar-Voth level of the Darklands, instead of fleeing to Sovyrian like the rest of their kind. Hounded by many dangers, they fled even deeper into the earth reaching the Sekamina level of the Darklands. It was here that Jininsiel, a renowned oracle, experienced a vision that would change the fate of her people. In this vision she saw a vast, incredible tree of pure mithral that sat within the earth and she knew that if she followed the roots of this tree to the surface, the elves would find a new home. This vision caused a rift amongst the elves, with the majority not willing to believe Jininsiel's vision and instead wanting to continue deeper into the depths. In the end, Jininsiel and a few hundred of her followers and friends split off from the main group and began their own journey, seeking the roots of this mythical tree. The split was acrimonious, however, and Jininsiel and her followers were denied their fair share of the group's food and resources.1

After Jininsiel's and her followers' split from their covetous elven brethren, they set out into the Darklands on a journey that would end up taking centuries. The followers of Jininsiel never knew that their former brethren degenerated into the ruthlessly evil subsect of elves now known as the drow. The journey was arduous and full of uncountable perils but, with Jininsiel as their leader, they persevered. Using their long lifespan to their advantage, the elves would often settle down to wait decades for a dangerous creature to leave the area or a monstrous settlement to tear itself apart and disperse. Eventually, they reached a truly vast mithral load, one that perfectly resembled the roots of the prophesied tree. The elves followed this mithral vein all the way to the surface, eventually emerging in the heart of the continent of Tian Xia. The land they emerged into was one of staggering natural beauty, a forested idyll that the elves could be proud to call their home. Her vision fulfilled, Jininsiel passed away within a few weeks of emerging onto the surface, content that her people had found a new home. In her honour, this new kingdom was named after her: Jinin.1


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