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A kamadan.

CR 4 (standard),
CR 5 (dusk),
CR 6 (polar)
Temperate or warm plains
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 158

Kamadans are cat/snake hybrids that enjoy hunting intelligent prey.1


Kamadans can exhale a sedative gas to lull their prey to sleep. They otherwise pounce like other large cats, supplementing their feline claws and bites with their snakes' fangs.1


Kamadans speak Aklo.1


Kamadans resemble large spotted cats, such as leopards, with several snakes growing from their shoulders. They stand about 3 feet to the shoulder, are about 9 feet long, and weigh up to 500 pounds.1

Habitat & Society

Like mundane large cats, kamadans belong to prides and sometimes hunt in packs when their prey is more powerful. They den in caves or bushes and use their snakes as appendages to help decorate them with their prey's remains and treasures. Especially powerful kamadans may share their lairs with other creatures who offer them food or treasure.1

Variant Breeds

Dusk Kamadans

Black-furred dusk kamadans have venomous snakes, distinguished by black and red ring patterns on their scales.1

Polar Kamadans

Bat-winged polar kamadans resemble snow leopards in form, with spotted white fur that extends to their snakes. Their frigid breath also numbs their prey.1 Polar kamadans are found in the Dvezda Marches of Iobaria.234